Blackbird Cider Works

Bus, Limo and Group Policy

Group Policy:

We do not accept buses or limos after 3:00 PM without prior arrangement with BlackBird Cider Works.

Our tasting room caters to customers interested in enjoying and learning about ciders.  As such we invite groups of all sizes to visit and enjoy our unique cider tasting experience.

If you are planning to visit with a group of 15 or more people, please call BlackBird Cider Works in advance and make a reservation so we can ensure there is ample room for your guests when you arrive.

We reserve the right to turn away group buses and limos that randomly arrive at our property without a reservation.  So please call ahead (716.795.3580) to make reservations.

Due to high volume, reservations may not be available during Niagara Wine Trail event weekends for non-event ticket holders.

New York State prohibits the serving of alcohol to intoxicated people.

All alcohol brought onto the property has to remain in the limo or bus. Patrons can not leave the tasting room building with samples or glasses full of alcohol.

Please do not enter the orchards, pick or cause damage to our fruit, litter or walk behind the tasting room building. Patrons who break any of our rules may be asked to leave without being given a refund.