Blackbird Cider Works

The Classic Collection

This group is home to BlackBird’s classic cider flavors. Including a variety of styles, both bottled and on draft, with varying levels of carbonation, The Classic Collection is sure to please. Learn more about each of our Classic flavors below.


Classic Wood Aged

Crafted with three apple varieties and aged in French oak barrels. This cider has a wine-like texture and spicy, nutty nuances.


A French style cider produced from certified organic apples and fermented dry with champagne yeast.
Light gold in color, this champagne-like cider has an apple bouquet & is extra dry with a biting finish.

Orchardist’s Reserve

A Blend of six varieties of apples including New York State favorites like the Empire, Cortland & Jonagold apples. With an apple essence on the nose & a light refreshing taste, this cider has a clean finish.