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Explore Our Selection Of Hard Apple Ciders

BlackBird boasts a wide variety of hard cider ranging from dry to sweet, including some varieties made with organic apples. All of our ciders are naturally gluten free and come from apples grown in our own orchard. Browse our collections of craft ciders below.

BlackBird Cider Works 12 oz. Cans

BlackBird Cider Works has five of our most popular award winning ciders available in 12 oz. cans.  These include: Premium Draft, Estate Reserve, Red Barn, Oak Ged Semi Sweet, and Oak Aged Dry.  The cans may be purchased at local area Wegmans Food Markets in the Central and Western New York area as well as other retail chains and your local bar and restaurant.

Wood Aged Ciders

The Oak Aged Collection boasts many award winners, and includes: Classic Wood Aged, Oak Aged Dry, Oak Aged Semi-Sweet, and Buffalo Bluegrass.

The Classic CollectionThe Classic Collection

This group is home to BlackBird’s classic cider flavors. Including a variety of styles, both bottled and on draft with varying levels of carbonation, The Classic Collection is sure to please.

Retired Ciders

Feeling nostalgic? Can’t find a cider on our current roster? Take a look back at the flavors of our past.

The Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection contains a medley of ciders including those made with traditional cider making in mind, as well as experimental new flavors. If you like conventional cider with a modern twist, The Heritage Collection is for you.

Signature Ciders

Our Signature Cider line features an ever-evolving selection of limited-run, one-time production ciders. If you see something you like, be sure to pick some up before it’s gone!

View Ciders By Taste Profile

Prefer your cider dry, sweet, or somewhere in the middle? We’ve broken down our ciders so that you can find the variety that suites your tastes.

BlackBird Cider is an alcoholic beverage. Please drink responsibly.